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StarscapeScientific is a website dedicated to the promotion of the sciences and the scientific method.  We offer latest updates in advances in science and new technological advances which are filtering down from some of the most noted and prestigious organizations, both government and private.  This allows us to provide above standard products as soon as they are introduced into the public marketplace, both technical and educational. You may also visit our Face Book page for additional posts and information, as well as our Face Book store.

StarscapeScientific also has a sister company, ScientificHobbies, which follows the same educational theme but is more focused upon the basic sciences of physics, chemistry and science mechanics.  The website is more tailored to the younger student scientist and hobbyist, however contains content for every community. StarscapeScientific and ScientificHobbies are both people first websites and you can contact us by voice, should you desire.

We offer best available pricing on scientific equipment for everyone from hobbyist to the professional... the precision instruments you need for your studies or interest in astronomy, biology, meteorology and geology. We carry telescopes by Edmund Scientific (including the Astroscan reflector telescope) and Celestron Telescope (including the Celestron 8 advanced telescope). Other telescopes we carry include Meade, Orion and Bushnell.  You have a choice from refractors, reflectors and compound telescopes, from beginner to advanced levels.  Many of these telescopes are “computerized".  We have quality astronomy binoculars, including Celestron and Bushnell binoculars. We have microscopes from hobbyist to research grade. Whether you searched for "compound microscope" or "light microscope," either way you're probably looking for one of the various compound light microscope instruments we offer. These range from beginner kits to research grade instruments.   We also carry "stereo microscopes". Some of these are microscopes are "digital microscopes", projecting the image on a computer screen for group study.  Also, we provide a large range of products associated with earth sciences, geology, biology and meteorology. There is a Category Page for each one of these sciences, found on the left Navigational  Field.  More information on aspects of these science categories can be reviewed in the Science Blogs page of the website, or review in our monthly Newsletter. The products for these categories range from “telescopes”, “microscopes”, "fossil collections", globes, field equipment, "weather stations" and "GPS devices", tents and many more. You can find these products under the Online Store category in the left Navigational field.  Fly-outs from each category in Navigational can also lead you to selected products. There are also selected products on each category page.  The Online Store list all products for each major category.

Starscapescientific is an affiliate of several  Scientific Educational Organizations including Edmund Scientific, Ward Natural Science, Sergeant-Welch and Science Kit..  We also act as a publisher and advertiser with many other science affiliations and warehouses.  You can find these ads on a separate page, Advertisements, located on the Left Navigational field. StarscapeScientific has recently introduced a new product line from KOZO Optical & Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd, the largest optical company in China, and also Levenhuk, an international optics manufacturer.

Visit our Site Map located on the left navigational column, to assist in exploring the website pages.

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