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20000015 : Antique Microscope

Product #:   20000015

Brand:   Edmund


The form of this microscope is purely 19th century, but it's function incorporates today's optical and digital photography technology. Observe and study plant and insect slides with your choice of transmission light or reflecting light with variable magnification objectives. An electronic eyepiece and the included software also enable you to observe specimens on your computer and save micro images for later study and use. Ideal for the beginner in microscopy, this scope is easy to use and attractive to admire on any desk or shelf. Includes software CD, microscope cover, sample slides, and USB cable.


All glass lenses, fully coated.

2X and 10X Objectives

100X maximum magnification

Caution: This device includes some sharp objects. Also, never view sunlight or other bright light with this device either directly or indirectly with the mirrors and lenses. Permanent eye damage can occur. Adult supervision is required when children are using device.


Manufacturer Specifications

Price:   169.49

20000015 : Antique Microscope




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