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30000033 : Cut Agate Geodes

Product #:   30000033

Brand:   Edmund


A geode is a rounded rock cavity, usually lined with quartz, agate, amethyst crystals and sometimes calcite or aragonite. Geodes are geological secondary sedimentary structures, which occur in sedimentary rocks, such as limestone and certain volcanic rocks, mainly basalt. Geodes are essentially spherical masses of mineral matter that were deposited syngenetically within the rock formations they are found in. Geodes have a chalcedony shell containing various mineral crystals, such as those mentioned above.


These agate geodes are pre-cut in half, displaying their crystal interior formations. As each geode is unique in weight and color, each 2 pound selection will be different. From 1" to 3" diameter.

Price:   42.95


30000033 : Cut Agate Geodes