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3000002 : Double Barrel Rock Tumbler And Polishing Kit

Product #:   3000002

Brand:   Edmund Scientific

Description:   Create fascinating specimens for gifts, collections and more with everything that is needed to enjoy this unique and interesting hobby that turns ordinary rocks into polished gemstones.

Two styles: single or double barrel. Single barrel kit includes a 3 lb. capacity rubber barrel tumbler, rocks, grit package, jewelry making kit and a detailed guide manual. Double barrel has a 6 lb. capacity and grit pack only.

The Accessory Kit includes grit pack, 4 lbs. rock and jewelry kit. 115V continuous overload protector motor.

The Item shown is a double barrel tumbler.

Our polishing products come with a guarantee on barrel and liner. They are extensively used by serious hobbyists, laboratories, schools and industry for an unlimited variety of tumbling and mixing operations.

- Double barrel rock polishing kit with 6 lb capacity - Includes grit package

Price:   199.95

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3000002: Double Barrel Rock Tumbler And Polishing Kit