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Earth Sciences is an encompassing science in that it includes other sciences such as biology, oceanography,  meteorology just to mention a few.  Earth Sciences is basically the scientific study of the Earth.  The science of geology is probably one  of the more fundamental, basic sciences of Earth Sciences.  Geology studies the Earth's structure, chemistry, physics and stratigraphy  in a temporal aspect.  Paleontology is a sub-set of geology which examines fossils, which is one of the primary sciences devoted to the  establishment of the Geologic Time Table, often referred to as the rock record.  Geology is also the science of mineralogy, crystal  structure and rock classification.  With the advent of Geographic Positioning Systems (GPS) and satellite surveys the science has  blossomed in the past century.  Satellite imagery has been paramount in the universal concept of plate tectonics.  There has also been  recently much excitement in exploration of other planets, their moons and geological nature.  Knowing the geology of the Earth has been  key in the determination of some of the features found on these extraterrestrial bodies.  For the hobbyist, Earth Sciences affords a large opportunity and spectrum of projects and activities.  Mineral, fossil and rock collecting are familiar hobbies, coined under the expression  "Rock Hound". There are very few tools or equipment necessary to become a geology hobbyist.  A geologic map is one of the  fundamental tools of amateur geology, which can be obtained from United States Geological Survey (USGS).  Another aspect of a  geology hobby is lapidary work,which is polishing stones and geode collection. Starscapescientific offers many products to provide for  the needs of the amateur geologist.

Since all of the website categories contain activities which can require out door involvement, we have included under Earth Sciences a  suite of products, such as tents and backpacks, suitable for extended field excursions, overnight camping or even star parties requiring  travel to dark sky locations.

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