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20000023 : XJC 100 Comparison Microscope

Product #:   20000023

Brand:   KOZO

Description:   XJC100 Comparison Microscope

Model XJC100 Comparison Microscope makes you view two images (left and right) from two objects at the same time. Adjusting two images to connect or lap over, then differentiate the minuteness difference between them, for instance, identifying the bullet' mark, tool's mark, fingerprint, stamp, letters, money, presswork, etc. It is an ideal instrument for Police and other department which need object comparison. There're several different viewing state available on comparison head;

Full left image, full right image, a part of left and right images, left and right superposition image.

The total magnification of comparison head : 1X

Monocular, Binocular or Trinocular comparison head are for option.

Price:   1,400.00

20000023 : XJC 100 Comparison Microscope