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20000020 : KXD 500 Biological Microscope

Product #:   20000020

Brand:   KOZO

Description:   KXD500 Clear imaging, easiest manipulation, jarless framework, flexible upgrade, steady quality, KXD500 inverted biological microscope is the potent guarantee of your success.  

Excellent universal infinity independent plan achromatic optical system provides you with a high  quality imaging.

KXD500 inverted biological microscope provides a flexible upgrade path to meet your applications for observations of phase contrast, fluorescence, polarization, digital and photographing easily, and also can work with heat stage, patch clip, assistant stage harmonious.

The adapter can connect various kinds of camera and digital observe device.

72mm ultra-long working distance condenser provides enough space for culture dish.

Ergonomic machine design can make you work easily for a long time.

Powerful upgrade space make multifunction easily be got.

NOTE: This product requires International Shipping rates:

Price:   1,800.00

20000020 : KXD 500 Biological Microscope