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5000004: Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens with Camera Adapter

Levenhuk 2x Barlow Lens with Camera Adapter is a high-quality Barlow lens with a T-thread on the barrel. This allows you to easily attach and remove the lens during your observations, as well as use it for astrophotography.

This truly is a very practical accessory. It allows you to attach a digital SLR camera to your telescope, where it acts as a T-thread adapter. This setup will yield high-quality views of observed objects at higher magnifications, since this Barlow lens extends the focal length of the telescope twofold. If you require a lower magnification, you can still use this accessory as an adapter by simply removing lenses from the barrel. You can even use a filter of your choice. Simply attach the required filter to the Barlow lens and you're good to go! This simple accessory will prove indispensable as you document your travels through the universe.

Naturally, you can still use it for visual observations. It will double the focal length of your telescope, bringing distant celestial objects even closer. The high-quality optical system of this Barlow lens is fully multi-coated for even sharper and brighter views with no chromatic aberration. This accessory may be used with any eyepiece of 1.25" barrel diameter.



Optical design achromatic (2 elements)

Magnification, x 2

Optics coating fully multi-coated

Barrel diameter 1.25"

Optics material optical glass

Compression ring no

Inner filter thread yes

Camera adapter yes

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