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20000037: Levenhuk 40L NG Microscope

The Levenhuk 40L NG teaching biological microscope.

This excellent biological microscope is ideal for use in schools or colleges as well as for your own research of the microworld.

    Superb production quality: case and elements are all-metal, not plastic.

    Focusing mechanism and stage move smoothly, without jerks or backlash.

    Rotatable head can be fixed in any position, which makes observation much more convenient.

    Eyepieces, objectives and all other optical elements are multi-coated and highly transparent.

All this provides extremely high image quality and long microscope life without any special maintenance.


Magnification depends on the objectives (located below) and eyepieces (located above) being used.

The set includes two eyepieces and three objectives as well as Barlow lens, which allows to smoothly change the magnification ratio.

    Eyepieces: WF10x, WF16x

    Objectives: 4x, 10x and 40x

    Barlow lens: 2x

Minimum magnification: Eyepiece 10x * Objective 4x = 40x

Maximum magnification: Eyepiece 16x * Objective 40x = 640x, and with Barlow lens magnification smoothly reaches 640*2.0 = 1280x!


This microscope is distinguished by an important feature - two illumination systems with adjustable brightness. Built-in illumination is LED, which ensures minimal energy consumption yet still providing sufficient light.

Illumination systems are located above and below the stage, and allow observing both transparent and opaque objects: from tiny solid particles to coins, paper, fabrics, etc. (It would be fascinating to observe a mobile phone screen - actually, each pixel consists of three segments, red, green and blue.)

Power supply

The microscope features an AC adapter, for stationary observations without batteries.

Caution: Please refer to the specifications table for the correct mains voltage and never attempt to plug a 110V device into 220V outlet and vice versa without using a converter. Remember that mains voltage in the U.S. and Canada is 110V and 220-240V in most European countries.

The kit includes:


    Objectives: 4x, 10x and 40x

    Two eyepieces: WF10x, WF16x

    2x Barlow lens

    Stage with clips

    Disc diaphragm

    Built-in lower LED illumination

    Retractable upper halogen illumination

    AC adapter

    3 AA and 2 AAA batteries

    Plastic case

    User manual and lifetime warranty

20000037: Levenhuk 40L NG Microscope





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