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20000047: Levenhuk 670T Biological Trinocular Microscope

With its high-quality optics and a practical trinocular head, the Levenhuk 670T is truly a modern biological microscope. It is capable of yielding magnifications of up to 2000x, which means you can perform both casual observations at home and precise scientific research.

The trinocular head of this model is able to significantly increase the scope of capabilities of your microscope. It is also inclined at 30 degrees and rotates 360 degrees around its axis. All this allows for comfortable observations, even when working for a long time, which makes this microscope a good fit for researchers in laboratories as well as students. To reduce the potential strain on your eyes, you can adjust the interpupillary distance of your microscope's eyepieces.

Levenhuk 670T is shipped with two eyepieces (WF10x and WF20x) and four objective lenses (4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (oil immersion)). When working at high magnifications (1000x, 2000x), a special technique–oil immersion–is used to increase the quality of the resulting image. This is achieved by immersing both the objective lens and the specimen in a transparent oil of high refractive index. The microscope is also shipped with a special filter, which yields even higher contrast and saturation of your images. Coarse- and fine-focus systems allow for precise focusing and very sharp images.

The Levenhuk 670T has a built-in illumination source, which means you can use your microscope even in the dark. The halogen lamp has a variable brightness control and an Abbe condenser, so that you can set the illumination to the desired level at any magnification.


    Microscope magnification: 40-2000x

    Rotatable trinocular head

    High-quality image across the field of view

    Stage is movable along two axes

    Revolving nosepiece with 4 objective lenses

    Variable illumination brightness

The kit includes:

    Levenhuk biological microscope

    WF10x and WF20x eyepieces

    Blue filter

    Immersion oil

    Backup halogen lamp (6V/20W)

    Dust cover

    Power cable*

    Fuse (2A)

    Camera adapter

    User manual and lifetime warranty

* Caution: Please refer to the specifications table for the correct mains voltage and never attempt to plug a 110V device into 220V outlet and vice versa without using a converter. Remember that mains voltage in the U.S. and Canada is 110V and 220-240V in most European countries.

20000047: Levenhuk 670T Biological Trinocular Microscope





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