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30000046: Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope

Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope is designed for those who are not afraid of any challenges, and who love traveling and hiking, adventures and discoveries! Superb advanced optics ensure images of the highest quality. The large objective lens allows you to observe during daytime and at dusk. Variable magnification is great for observing objects at different distances from you. Despite its impressive specifications, the scope is still quite compact – you can always take it with you. This waterproof scope is not afraid of snow, rain, fog and water splashes. As you can see, it’s a perfect instrument for adventurers!

The optics are made of high-quality BK-7 glass, and the lenses and prisms are fully coated, so the loss of light inside the scope is reduced to zero. The prisms are covered with silver coating; the lenses, blue coating. The 60-mm objective lens collects a lot of light and therefore ensures great visibility not only in broad daylight, but also at deep dusk. A professional removable metal eyepiece included in the kit provides for clear and sharp views. Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope allows you to enjoy highly detailed images with correct color rendition. The shell is filled with nitrogen, which prevents optics fogging, so image quality stays invariably high in any situation!

The design of this scope is thought out in detail in order to ensure maximum comfort. The eyepiece in this model is angled so you can observe from the most comfortable position. It is also equipped with a convenient eyecup made of soft rubber to prevent side light. The long eye relief of this model will be especially appreciated by observers who wear glasses.

Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope comes in a lightweight but very sturdy shell. As the shell is completely hermetic, no dust or dirt will get inside the scope. The case included in the kit protects the scope from splashes. Removing the case is optional, as you can start observing after simply unzipping it. If you observe in bad weather or in the field, the case will provide additional protection for the instrument. At high magnifications even the slightest shaking may negatively impact image quality. But that’s not the way it is with Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope, as it comes with a sturdy metal table tripod included in the kit. Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope provides you with high-quality images in all settings!

The kit includes:

    Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope

    Metal table tripod

    Cleaning wipe

    Case for storage and transportation

    User manual and lifetime warranty

Optics material

 BK-7 glass

Optics coating

 fully coated (prisms: silver coating; lenses: blue coating)

Objective lens diameter (aperture), mm


Magnification, x


Field of view, °


Eye relief, mm


Close focus, m




Field of view, m/1000 m

yds/1000 ft




 removable metal eyepiece

Exit pupil diameter, mm


Price:                149.95

30000046: Levenhuk Blaze 60 PLUS Spotting Scope





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