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30000048: Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope

The latest optical technologies, reliability and readiness for extreme conditions – all of these are Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope. Advanced level optics produce bright clear images. The large objective makes it possible to observe even at night-time. A wide range of magnifications allows you to track significantly distant objects. Together with superb optical performance, the scope features a very light weight and a compact size, which make it a perfect choice for a camping trip or travel. The scope comes in a convenient all-weather shell, so bad weather won’t stop you any longer. Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope is high image quality under any conditions!

Excellent optics are made of BK-7 glass, allowing for high-definition images. Both prisms and lenses are covered with anti-reflective coating, so the loss of light inside the instrument is reduced to zero. The prisms are covered with wide-band antireflection (AR) film; the lenses, with blue coating. All scopes in the Levenhuk Blaze PLUS series come with professional-level removable metal eyepieces. Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope produces crisp images with high level of detail and impeccable color rendition. The shell is filled with nitrogen, which makes the optics stay fog-free even in foggy conditions so you can enjoy high-quality observations in any weather.

A great advantage of Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope is its ergonomic design. The eyepiece in this model is angled so you can observe from the most comfortable position. It’s also equipped with a soft rubber eyecup, which cuts side light. The scope’s long eye relief allows you to comfortably observe even when wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses.

Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope comes in a lightweight yet sturdy shell that is resistant to mechanical shocks. The scope is completely hermetic so dust, dirt and moisture don’t get inside. The kit includes a case that protects against dirt and splashes. You can leave the case on during observations, and that’s especially useful when observing in bad weather or in harsh field conditions. When observing with high magnification, the stability of a spotting scope becomes crucial as any vibration can decrease image quality. To prevent this from happening, the Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope is equipped with a reliable metal table tripod. Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope is continuous high image quality in any situation!

The kit includes:

    Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope

    Metal table tripod

    Cleaning wipe

    Case for storage and transportation

    User manual and lifetime warranty

Optics material

 BK-7 glass

Optics coating

 fully coated (prisms: wide-band AR film; lenses: blue coating)

bjective lens diameter (aperture), mm


Magnification, x


Field of view, °


Eye relief, mm


Twilight factor


Close focus, m




Field of view, m/1000 m

yds/1000 ft




 removable metal eyepiece

Exit pupil diameter, mm


Relative brightness


Weight, kg




Dimensions, mm





Price:            199.95

30000048: Levenhuk Blaze 70 PLUS Spotting Scope





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