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20000050: Levenhuk D670T Digital Trinocular Microscope

Levenhuk D670T is a modern, reliable and easy-to-use digital microscope with a trinocular head. Such a design provides for maximum comfort during lengthy observations. With its 5Mpx camera (included in the standard kit), you will be amazed by the quality of captured images that you can save for future use; and you can even study slides in the tiniest detail and in real time on your PC monitor.

The Levenhuk D670T yields magnifications from 40x to 2000x. Such capabilities allow this microscope to be used for various purposes: high magnifications will be perfect for medicine and biology studies, while lower magnifications allow it tos be used by jewelers, watchmakers, collectors, and others. Levenhuk D670T comes with four high-quality objective lenses: 4x, 10x, 40x and 100x (oil immersion).

By attaching the camera to the trinocular head of this microscope, you extend the range of its capabilities even further. Two eyepieces in a binocular setup minimize stress on your eyes during lengthy observations. They are also inclined at 30 degree, so that you can sit comfortably when working with the microscope. The trinocular head may be rotated 360 degrees around its axis, which comes in very handy when you are working in a group.

The kit of this microscope includes everything you will need to start working. The digital camera comes with an installation CD that contains the necessary software and drivers. The Levenhuk D670T and its camera are compatible with Windows, Linux* and Mac OS.


    Microscope magnification: 40-2000x

    Rotatable trinocular head

    High-quality image across the field of view

    Stage is movable along two axes

    Revolving nosepiece with 4 objective lenses

    Variable illumination brightness

    Able to take photos/videos

The kit includes:

    Levenhuk digital microscope

    Rotatable trinocular head

    Revolving nosepiece with four objective lenses

    5Mpx digital camera

    WF10x and WF20x eyepieces

    4x, 10x, 40x and 100x (oil immersion) objective lenses

    Blue filter (1 piece)

    Vial of immersion oil

    Stage: 115x125 mm, movable

    Condenser: Abbe with iris diaphragm

    6V/20W halogen lamp

    Power cable*

    Installation CD with Levenhuk ToupView software and drivers

    Dust cover

    User manual and lifetime warranty

* Caution: Please refer to the specifications table for the correct mains voltage and never attempt to plug a 110V device into 220V outlet and vice versa without using a converter. Remember that mains voltage in the U.S. and Canada is 110V and 220-240V in most European countries.

The latest version of Levenhuk ToupView software for Windows (release date: 11/20/2013) supports eight languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese, Turkish.

Levenhuk D670T Digital Trinocular Microscope is also compatible with other Levenhuk C NG digital cameras (additional cameras are purchased separately). Levenhuk C NG cameras are installed in the eyepiece tube instead of an eyepiece.

* Levenhuk Image Editor for Linux was compiled on Ubuntu 10.04 with kernel 2.6.32-50-generic-pae. If Image Editor still cannot run on your platform or the characters are garbled, contact us and provide your platform info and kernel version.

20000050: Levenhuk D670T Digital Trinocular Microscope





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