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20000035: Levenhuk DTX 90 Digital Microscope

Levenhuk DTX 90 is a modern professional USB microscope for high-precision work. The microscope is equipped with a 5 Mpx camera and provides magnification within 10x-300x range. It comes with a special tripod and a stage with a measuring scale (8 cm along the x - axis, 7 cm along the y-axis) and two clips to secure the sample under the camera.

Levenhuk DTX 90 Digital Microscope allows you to get images of the highest quality and resolution. Microscope is connected to a PC or laptop via standard USB 2.0 cable. Observation of samples and editing of captured images is done through the easy-to-use image processing software that is included in the kit. In addition to image processing features allowing you to take and edit images and videos, the software is also capable of measuring linear sizes, perimeters, radiuses and different angles in observed samples.

Levenhuk DTX 90 is very easy to use and doesn’t require any special knowledge or skills. Due to its compact size this microscope is highly suitable for home use. If necessary, you can retract the digital camera and use it without the tripod.

Microscope’s body is rubber-armored, which makes it pleasant to the touch and also provides for a comfortable grip and prevents the device from slipping out of your hands.


    USB digital microscope with professional tripod

    Retractable 5 Mpx digital camera

    Power supply via USB

    8 white LEDs with adjustable brightness

    Able to take photos/videos

    Comes with special software for measuring linear sizes, areas, angles and radiuses of studied samples

    Wide range of applications

    Ease of use

    Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Mac 10.6~10.10

The kit includes:

    Levenhuk DTX 90 Microscope

    Professional tripod

    Stage with measuring scale

    Calibrating scale

    Software CD


    User manual and lifetime warranty

Recommendations on using the software.

In order for the program to operate correctly, please launch the installed application only when your microscope is connected to a PC and ready for observations.

Levenhuk DTX 90 Digital Microscope is not compatible with external digital cameras.

20000035: Levenhuk DTX 90 Digital Microscope





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