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50000022: Levenhuk G100 Cover Slips, 100 pcs

Levenhuk G100 Cover Slips are designed to function with materials of different complexity. They are made of high-quality glass using the latest technologies and possess a high degree of transparency. The cover slips can be used with any microscope. The glass is homogeneous, without cracks or bubbles, which ensures the best viewing experience without any distortion.

You can use Levenhuk G100 Cover Slips to make your own slides for further research. Due to their uniform thickness, you can even use these slips for large specimens without having to fine-tune the focus afterward.

Levenhuk G100 Cover Slips may be used with any model of optical microscope for serious scientific research and manufacturing procedures, or even for casual observations.


    Dimensions: 24x24 mm (0.94x0.94 in)

    Thickness: 0.13–0.17 mm (0.005x0.006 in)

    Box of 100 pieces

How to Prepare Slides

Prices:      5.95


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