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20000060: Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope

Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is a great instrument for a young biologist. The microscope is very easy to use; it allows for studying transparent microscope samples, and also comes with an interesting experiment kit. A kid will be able to observe ready-to-use microscope slides and watch Artemia’s growth in a hatchery. The kit also includes special tools for independent preparation of microscope samples.

Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope has a revolving nosepiece equipped with three objective lenses. The lenses come pre-installed. These lenses enable you to obtain several fixed magnifications in the 100x-900x range. Illumination is located below the stage. You can choose a mirror or incandescent lamp – the illumination unit rotates around its axis.

he stage is equipped with special metal clips for sample fixation. Focusing is carried out by means of a separate knob. Illumination runs on batteries (not included). The body is lightweight–made of reliable plastic. The microscope with all the enclosures is packed in a bright colorful box.


    Children’s microscope

    Magnification up to 900x

    Experiment kit included

    Lightweight plastic body

    Illumination: mirror or built-in incandescent lamp

The kit includes:




    Prepared slides (3 pcs)

    Blank slides (3 pcs)

    Cover slips (6 pcs)

    Slide stickers (6 pcs)


    Sea salt

    Flask with brine shrimp

    Brine shrimp hatchery






Optics material

 optical plastic

Magnification, x





 10х, 40х, 90х

Revolving nosepiece

 3 objectives



Body material



 incandescent lamp, mirror

Power supply

 2 AA batteries (not included)


 Kid’s Education

Levenhuk LabZZ M2 Microscope is not compatible with Levenhuk C NG digital cameras due to non-standard 17-mm eyepiece tube diameter.

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