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50000024: Levenhuk N20 NG Prepared Slides Set

Before being examined, samples of any plant or material must undergo a diligent preparation: a very thin slice of the material should be placed on a glass slide and covered with a cover slip. The slides set already contains fully prepared samples of biomaterials so that you can spend more time studying them. The set also contains a number of blank slides and cover slips, allowing you to prepare your own microscope slides. Blank slides and cover slips are made of highly transparent glass and provide the most comfortable observations, with no glare or distortion. Prepared slides, blank slides and cover slips can be used with any microscope model.

Levenhuk N20 NG Prepared Slides Set includes the following:

    Striated muscle

    Mammalian sperm cells

    Nerve (transverse section)

    Loose connective tissue

    Mammalian oocyte

    Nerve cells

    Hyaline cartilage

    Smooth muscle


    Frog blood

    Human blood

    A single-layer epithelium

    Mutation in Drosophila (wingless form)

    Mutation in Drosophila (black body)

    Drosophila regular

    Animal cell

    Plant cell


    Fragmentation of the egg

    Mitosis in the onion root

Also included in the kit*: 24 blank slides and 40 cover slips.

* Please note that in European countries the set may come in orange boxes with Levenhuk G50 Blank Slides included.

Examples of what you can see when observing these slides under microscope may be found in the Product Gallery.

Price:         21.95


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