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10000049:  Levenhuk Ra 250N F4 OTA

Levenhuk Ra 250N F4 OTA is a Newtonian telescope with a 250-mm primary mirror and a focal length of 1000 mm (f/4). This model is best-suited for astrophotography. The telescope tube is made of metal, following a more traditional design.

This telescope is fitted with the modern 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser. Linear ball bearings of this focuser provide for additional stability, and further reduce backlash. The 2'' large diameter thread on the focuser allows you to use accessories - including coma correctors - from other manufacturers, reduces vignetting and allows you to attach your camera with ease.The telescope tube has a built-in primary mirror cooling fan. Even though Levenhuk Ra 250N F4 OTA was designed with astrophotography in mind, it still performs wonderfully during celestial observations.

The kit includes:

    Levenhuk Ra 250N F4 optical tube

    Finder scope

    Finder scope base

    Cooling fan

    Batteries kit (6 pieces)

    User guide and lifetime warranty

Optical design

 Newtonian reflector

Optics material

 BK-7 glass

Optics coating

 quartz-protected aluminum

Primary mirror diameter (aperture), mm


Focal length, mm


Focal ratio


Resolution threshold, arcseconds


Eyepiece barrel diameter

 2", 1.25"


 optical, 8x50



Tube-mount assembly system

 dovetail plate

Optical tube material


Optical tube dimensions, mm




Optical tube weight, kg




Price:         689.95

10000049:  Levenhuk Ra 250N F4 OTA





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