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40000014: Midland E+READY ER210 Weather & Alert Radio

The ER210 keeps you informed about severe weather featuring digital AM/FM and weather-band radio with NOAA Weather Alert Radio capabilities. Efficient and compact, the rugged radio has a built-in flashlight with SOS and strobe functions.

    Ideal for emergency preparedness, camping, beach, park, and everyday use

    Multiple sustainable power sources

    Solar Panel - will charge the internal lithium ion battery

 Hand Crank - Allows you to recharge the radio during a power outage or anytime you are away from a power source

    Rechargeable battery - Replaceable, long life 2000 mAh Lithium Ion battery

    Extremely bright flashlight Uses Cree LED (130 Lumens)

    SOS flashlight beacon activates morse code for emergency assistance

    NOAA weather radio with alert weather alerts sound when issued on local channel

    Low/High flashlight brightness settings - Lets you adjust flashlight to conserve battery life

    AM/FM radio tuning

    Charge your devices through USB connection

    LCD display with clock

    Headphone jack

    Retractable antenna

    USB output



Material  Plastic

Dimensions  2.28x7.64x5.43

Model Number  ER210

Price:            72.95

40000014: Midland E+READY ER210 Weather & Alert Radio





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