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30000031 : Rock Hounds Back Pack Kit

Product #:   30000031

Brand:   Ward


This beginner's kit comes with real, heavy-duty tools for rock collecting, so you can learn how to test for important properties of rocks and minerals, such as hardness, color streak, and more. Then use the field guide to classify and identify all the interesting rocks and minerals you find. Expand your collection using a rock pick (to break apart chunks of rock and split open crystal geodes), a mineral test kit and hardness scale set (to help identify rocks), a crack-open geode, display box, safety goggles, a notebook to record details about your finds, and a sturdy backpack to carry your gear as well as the rocks you find out "in the field." (ages 8 to adult)

Nature Backpack - Rock hounds can head out into the field with all their rock-collecting tools stored in this comfortable and compact pack. Padded shoulder straps and back.

Rock Pick - This heavy-duty steel rock pick is a must for the serious rock collector! The head has a hammer on one end and a pointed pick on the other for chiseling off specimens.

Safety Goggles - These goggles are important to protect kids' eyes while they're using the rock pick.

Rock and Mineral Test Kit - Contains instructions and materials to test for properties such as color, hardness, acidity, and magnetism. Includes a 5x/10x double-lens magnifier.

Mineral Hardness Scale Set - This set of nine Mohs Scale of Hardness minerals lets kids test the hardness of their specimens and see how soft or hard rocks can be.

Crack-Open Geode - Use the rock pick to discover crystals or unique mineral deposits inside.

Nature Notebook - A small spiral-bound notebook with blank pages that is great for keeping notes, recording test results, and making drawings of rocks and minerals that are too large to collect.

Rocks and Minerals Golden Guide - With full-color illustrations and easy-to-read text, anyone can use this guide to learn about and identify common rocks and minerals.

Rock and Mineral Display Box - This box with 15 compartments is a great place to store or display a growing rock and mineral collection!

Specimen Collection Bags - 15 plastic bags of varying sizes for collecting and sorting rock samples on the go (and keeping the backpack clean!).

Instructions - Our instructions include information about the Mohs hardness scale, plus tips on collecting, identifying, and labeling rocks and minerals.


CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. (Dealer Spec's)

Price:   86.25

30000031 : Rock Hounds Back Pack Kit