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50000016: Solar System Levenhuk F4 Filter Set

Levenhuk F4 set is best-suited for observations of Solar System objects. With it, you can study the tiniest details on the surfaces of the Moon and planets, and even follow comets across the celestial sphere.

The light red filter enhances the contrast of smaller features on the lunar surface, and allows you to see the polar caps of Mars and cloud bands of Saturn.

The green filter also enhances the contrast of the surfaces of Mars and the Moon. By transmitting only the green light, this filter allows you to discern smaller blue and red features on the planetary disk of Jupiter.

The blue filter allows you to see the features of Saturn's polar regions, enhances the visibility of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, and may also be used for observations of the Moon and Mars.

The yellow filter allows you to discern the low-contrast stripes in the atmosphere of Venus, enhances the visibility of comet tails and may even be used to observe some of the features on the planetary disks of Uranus and Neptune.

The set includes the following filters:

    #23A (light red)

    #58 (green)

    #80A (blue)

    #12 (yellow)

Levenhuk filters significantly increase the capabilities of your stargazing equipment when it comes to planetary observations. The range Levenhuk filter sets allows you to choose the set that meets your exact requirements. Choose one, and study the secrets of the Solar System in great detail.

General recommendations for Levenhuk filters may be found in the spreadsheet below.

Recommended use of Levenhuk filters

Moon Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Mercury Comets
#8(light yellow) + + + + + + + +
#11 (yellow-green) + + +
#12 (yellow) + + + + + + + +
#23A (light red) + + + + + + +
#25A (red) + + + +
#56 (light green) + + + + +
#58 (green) + + + + + +
#80A (blue) + + + + + + +
Lunar filter + + + + + +


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