40000015: Touchscreen Wireless Weather Station Wmr200
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40000015: Touchscreen Wireless Weather Station Wmr200

Gives you all the weather data you'll need from your own back yard!

Equipped with a temperature/humidity sensor, a wind sensor, a rain gauge, and a solar panel—and with the ability to communicate with up to ten additional remote sensors—the weather center assesses a host of weather conditions to help you better prepare for the outdoors.

The weather center's LCD touch panel screen displays icons and indicators to relay: time of day via the US atomic clock; weather forecast; current moon phase; indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity readings; wind chill, speed, and direction; barometric pressure; rainfall rate; dew point; heat index; and optional UV index. Several weather alert alarms notify of more problematic weather conditions.

The weather center wall-mounts or stands on a tabletop. A 6-volt DC AC adapter powers the base.

With five language options (English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch), the weather center also offers 12-hour or military time display, and temperature readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The center measures indoor temperatures ranging from 32 to 122 degrees F, and outdoor temperatures from – 8 F to 158 degrees F. The outdoor sensors transmit data to the base at a 433 MHz frequency from up to 325 feet away.

To track weather trends, the center features a data logger function and data can be uploaded to a computer using free PC software and provided 6-foot USB cable.

Ten included AA batteries power the sensors and the base; the user benefits from separate low battery indicators for the base and each sensor.

For mounting, a host of poles, attachment brackets, and screws accompany the weather center.

A limited one-year guarantee covers this item.

Measures 5-9/10 inches long by 7-8/10 inches wide by 1-9/10 inches high.

 Touchscreen Wireless Weather Station - Wmr200 Manual

Price:       229.95

40000015: Touchscreen Wireless Weather Station Wmr200