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30000029 : Uniden Wireless Surveillance System

Product #:   30000029

Brand:   Uniden


Uniden Wireless Surveillance System W/ Quad Autoscan Full Screen View Portable Camera And Monitor

Lithium polymer rechargeable batter - up to 10 hour battery life (monitor). Camera transmits up to 500 ft, subject to environmental conditions. Smart motion detection and alarm. Scheduled recordings to your PC. Good for home protection, nanny cam, room-to-room, night vision, backyard pool supervision, small business protection and many more functions. Great for camp security of sensitive field equipment (requires portable power source and rechargeable battery units).  Uniden Wireless Surveillance System. 2.4 GHz digital frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) technology. Portable camera and monitor. Monitor has 3.5 inch color display. Digital zoom/pan/tilt capability. Quad, autoscan or full screen view.

Price:   259.49 (Limited Quantities)

30000029 : Uniden Wireless Surveillance System