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20000024 : XJD 300

Product #:   20000024

Brand:   KOZO

Description:   XJD300

The XJD300 Digital is a digital version of the XJS series that features a built-in imaging head with 1.3MP streaming live output through USB2.0 connections. The XJD300 is a robust student instrument that brings professional, repeatable image quality results to all of its intended applications.

 Compact disc


    Driver software (suitable for Windows XP/Vista)

    Professional software for  digital microscope(Image

    preiew, Measurement, Image process) Operation Manual

    for installing drover and software



    Optional Accessory


    Eyepiece: WF16X, WF20X

    Objectives: 20X, 60X (S)

    2.0Mega, 3.0Mega, 5.0Mega pixels,

    Seidentopf binocular head(48~75mm)

Price:  1,4.00

20000024 : XJD 300