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20000016 : Young Naturalist Back Pack Kit

Product #:   20000016


Kit Includes:


Nature Backpack - You can easily take this durable backpack with them wherever explored! It will comfortably hold all of the nature investigation tools. Padded shoulder straps and back.

Watching Nature - A great book to introduce you to the excitement of watching nature! The engaging text and beautiful photographs teach what to look for, where to look for it, and how to record discoveries.


Golden Guides - These pocket-sized field guides (Wildflowers, Insects, and Birds) are full of fun facts and color illustrations to identify what you find in the field.


Insect Net - This premium net has a sturdy wooden handle and a fine mesh net that is ideal for catching everything from tiny bugs to delicate butterflies.


Pop-up Insect Habitat - You can study the habits of bugs they catch in this handy habitat. Habitat color may vary.


Compact Binoculars - High-quality binoculars that are small, light, and easy for to use. Great for watching birds, squirrels, and other animals.


Plant Press - You can start an herbarium (plant collection) when You use this portable 6" x 9" press to preserve leaves and flowers.


Nature Notebook - A small, spiral-bound notebook with blank pages for recording nature observations with drawings and notes.


6" Ruler - Measurements are an important part of naturalist note-taking, and can help with identification of plants and insects.


Double Lens Magnifier - With 5/10x magnification, you can see up-close views of pollen, insect wings, and more.


Specimen Collection Bags - 15 plastic bags of varying sizes work perfectly for transporting rocks, moss, feathers, pinecones, abandoned bird nests, etc.


Instructions - Instructions include tips on how to use the insect net, plant press, binoculars, and more


Price:   115.29

20000016 : Young Naturalist Back Pack Kit